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SSi’s HB1000 is designed to withstand the stress of monitoring temperature from within a furnace.

The instrument is made up of three components: the electronics, the thermal barrier, and the reporting software.

With two available options, the HB1012 and the HB1015, customers have the flexibility to meet their time-at-temperature requirements.

The thermal barrier is constructed with stainless steel exterior and insulating components that protect the internal electronics for up to 3 hours at 1850°F (1010°C).

The high accuracy electronics support 10 type K thermocouples with a maximum battery life of 40 hours.

Using the USB connection, data can be easily imported into SSi’s SDS Reporter software for AMS 2750 D compliant reports.




Streamline presents the new handheld thermal imaging sensor CHINO Tp-S series.

Characterized by low weight and compact size (it fits in your pocket) and a very competitive price, the instrument can be used not only in industrial applications, but also in the resolution of common everyday problems (leaks detection, hot spots, etc.)

With a view angle of 33°x 33° and a temperature range of -10 to 300°C, the Thermopile sensor (2000 pixels) ensures a measurement accuracy of +/-2%, displaying the spot temperature from the viewfinder to the display center.

By inside dip switch you can select the emissivity for the object to be measured and adapt the display of the thermal image as needed.




TUS (Temperature Uniformity Survey)
SAT (System Accuracy Test)
Temperature sensors Certification (ISO – Accredia)

Streamline team shows off a long experience in repair and maintenance of oxygen probes and  atmosphere control in heat treatment using dedicated tools (gas analyzers, dew point, lab test instrumentation).

It is also able to perform tools certifications, TUS (Temperature Uniformity Survey) and SAT tests (System Accuracy Test) accordingly to AMS-2750E, API-6A, NADCAP, NORSOK, CQI-9 regulations.

Streamline laboratory, equipped with Accredia certified instrumentation, is able to act on all treated products, both in terms of certification and repair, drastically reducing customer waiting times.

Technical service is also able to work directly on plants in order to perform planned maintenance operations, certifications and calibrations.



The IR-R80 is High Temperature Fixed Point Blackbody Furnace utilizing metal-carbon eutectic fixed points developed by National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ). What the IR-R80 has brought is high-temperature fixed point calibration at 2474ºC for Radiation Thermometers, which was previously achieved until 1085ºC (Copper).
It consists of furnace body, and exchangeable fixed point cells for enabling various fixed point calibration of standard radiation thermometer (0.65μm) by blackbody cavity of aperture diameter of 3mm.
Achieve long-term stability by employing fiber optic type radiation thermometer (0.9μm) as temperature control sensor


atmosStreamline announces  the cooperation with Atmosphere Engineering, a US based company leading in the supplying of energy and cost saving solution for the heat treatment industries.
In particular the Endo-Exo injectors are fuel injection mixing systems for Gas Generators aimed at the reduction of waste (saving on endo excess burnoff) with a significant impact also on pollution, through the reduction of Co2 emissions.
The product range is integrated with the supply of the advanced electronic flow meters both in the analog and digital version. By using them the information of the actual/total flow is available in the DCS and, also you will benefit of the field calibration capability.
More information and product details coming soon