Electrical Measurement Solution – AC Current & Voltage
Eight Channel AC Current & Voltage Data Logger
The SmartReader Plus 3 easily and accurately records AC current and voltage. The easy-to-use ACR CT’s provide safe current readings by simply clamping them around the power leads. AC voltage is monitored by connecting ACR’s AC voltage transducer to the 5V channels.


No. of Channels - Eight. (One internal for ambient temperature, four for AC current for use with ACR current probes and three with 0-5 VDC inputs, which can be used with ACR AC voltage transducers to monitor 3 phase voltage.)
Current Ranges - With A60FL (60 Hz) and A65FL (50 Hz) current probes: 5, 25, 100, and 250 Amps. With A70FL (60 Hz) and A75FL (50Hz) current probes: 10, 50, 250, and 500 Amps. Up to 3000 Amps with the ACR CT-50-2 current transformer.
Nominal Voltage Ranges - 120 V (1 phase, 60 HZ). 480 V (3 phase, 60 HZ).
Accuracy - Voltage Channels: +/-0.5% F.S. Current Channels: +/-3.5% F.S. above the lowest 10% of range.
Memory Size - 32 KB, 128 KB and 1.5 MB.
Accessories - ACR AC Current Probes.
ACR AC Voltage Transducers.
ACR CT-50-2 Current Transformer.