LE The LE (LE1000, LE2000) series 250mm intelligent recorders accept multi-range inputs. They incorporated various superior facilities; high accuracy, 0.05%; high-speed scanning, 30 points per second; and high-speed recording, 1 line in 2 seconds. Operation is simple with front panel keys while setting-up can be executed from a personal computer or with an IC memory card.


  • High-speed scanning at 30 points/second; high-speed recording A large volume of process data such as test and experimental data, even when it changes rapidly, can be scanned at 30 points per second while printing can be done one line per 2 seconds, for an excellent real-time performance. 10 colors can be specified for different channels for easy identification.
  • High accuracy of 0.05% The accuracy is 0.05% and the resolution is 1 V or 0.1
  • Simultaneous measurement of various industrial units with range selection A total of 47 input ranges including 37 temperature ranges and 10DC voltage ranges are available. Different combinations of input ranges including arbitrary mixed inputs can be used. Current inputs are also acceptable.
  • Easy to operate Both operation keys for normal operations and engineering keys for more complex settings are provided and the operation keys are laid out functionally. The complex operation of other sophisticated instruments has been eliminated. Setting using a personal computer or an IC memory card is also possible.
  • IC memory card Setting of operation parameters such as ranges and scales can be performed with an IC memory card. Up to 4 sets of setting conditions can be stored in a card.
  • Exclusive engineering port A personal computer used as an engineering tool can be connected, allowing parameters to be set using the computer and settings confirmed on the screen, together with maintenance and inspection.
  • Anti-noise countermeasures High effective anti-noise countermeasures are taken; suppressing induced noise by 130 dB or more in the common mode while 50dB or more is achieved in the series mode. Effective countermeasures are taken against pulse noise.
  • Four types of communications interfaces (option) The communications interface of GP-IB, RS-232C, RS-422A or RS-485 is available