KR2000 KR2000 Series are network-compatible paperless recorders with high performance and high operating function employed high visibility 5.6″ TFT color LCD display. High speed of sampling rate 100ms for 12 points and high accuracy of ±0.1% were realized, and measured data is stored into internal memory and maximum 2GB compact flash card (CF card). 
As it can be monitored by a web browser display on several computers on intranet or internet, FTP transfer of data file and E-mail notification are also available.


Employing clear 5.6″TFT color LCD display
Large-sized high visibility display with various display functions. Real time/Historical trend screen, Bar-graph screen, Data screen are selectable for various applications.

Large capacity of data memory and various recording method
Compact flash card (CF card) slot is equipped as standard external memory.
Large capacity storage of maximum 2GB is available.
Various data storing methods are selectable such as schedule programming by time of day and time of date, recording start-up by external signal, and event and data logging of before and after trigger points for alarm.

Multi points recording with high speed/accuracy
High-speed recording of approximately 100ms for 12 points and high accuracy of ±0.1% were realized.
Stable measuring and recording are possible with high speed.
High withstand voltage of 1000V AC between input channels.

Easy operating and programming without manual
Easy operating by dedicated keys for each function.
USB port is prepared in front compartment. Setups, readout of data and files are possible by connecting the panel mounted recorder with a lap-top computer.

LAN network capability
Various networked environment such as remote monitoring by browser, FTP server and E-mail notification are applied as Ethernet is equipped as standard.

Safety system and reliability
No battery backup needed for external memory for recorded data storage.

Analyzing/data acquisition application software
It is easy to replay and edit the recorded data file.
Replay display has functions of vertical/horizontal trend, circular trend, and also wave-analyzing and marking by using the cursor.