Series are high-function digital program controller. 
Being incorporated with high performance microprocessors, they have materialized such high accuracy as +/- 0.1% of the indicating accuracy and 0.1 second of the controlling cycle.
The controller enable optimal program control to be performed over the wide temperature range.
They are standard equipped with versatile functions such as multi setting, multi range input, color LCD digital display, and interactive system setting by full dot matrix color LCD


  • 19 program patterns
    A maximum of 19 program patterns, each consisting of a maximum of 19 steps, can be stored in memory.
  • Free program pattern linkage and repetition
    Flexible pattern configurations including partial pattern repetition, pattern linkage or whole pat tern repetition.
  • Excellent operability, clear graphic display
    A full dot-matrix color LCD with back -lit illumination display the pattern of the step being executed as well
    as the steps before and after it. Parameters are set by interactive operation for easy access to many advanced functions.
  • Versatile display showing progress of process
    The executing pattern and one of the elapsed time of the pattern, the remaining time of the pattern, the elapsed time of the step or the remaining time of the step, are displayed. The displays are accompanied by real-time bar-graph displays so you can check progress at a glance.
  • Auto tuning for the presetting of PID constant
    A total of 16 pid constant can be set, eight can be selected arbitrarily and eight are selected automatically according to the SV values
  • Free power supply
    The power supply range is from 85 to 264VAC so the unit can be used with any local supply voltage.
  • Wide range of options
    Many options are available including communication interfaces, transmission signal output and external signal input and output.
    CE-marking (option) The models with CE-marking are optionally available.