IR-C_07 The IR-C series is radiation thermometers with high precision of measurement and high speed of response (3ms.). 
The thermometers have a direct viewfinder, parameters setting keys and other easy to use features.
The thermometers are divided into the medium temperature type using an InGaAs detecting element, the high temperature type using an Si detecting element, and wide range type. The thermometer are designed as a single unit, combining detecting and converting functions in one unit, powered by DC power supply.


  • High speed of response 10ms (standard) or 0.5ms (high speed)
  • High precision without being noticeable affected by emissivity due to its narrow wavelength.
  • Excellent long-term reliability owing to the absence of any moving parts (i.e. chopper motor)
  • Numerous options are available including an emissivity remote setting function, an HMD (Hot Metal Detector) function, and an isolated output function.
  • Many accessories are available to protect the thermometer under severe environmental conditions.
  • The thermometers with CE-marking are available.