The IM series is an on-line multi aIR wavelength analyzer utilizing the infrared absorption technology for measuring product constituent and/or thickness.
Signal processing capabilities are built into the Compact All-In-One detector unit for easy installation and operation.
A maximum of 99 calibration curves can be stored into the detector memory for numerousmeasurement applications.
The detector can be used by itself or connected to a PC/plant control system, as both analog and digital outputs are provided.
A remote setting display unit, connectable up to 9 detector units, can be used to setup various detectorfunctions and also displays measured values.


  • Up to 10 wavelengths, capable of measuring 4 constituents such as; moisture, film-thickness, organism, and coating-thickness in real timesimultaneously.
  • Connectivity to multiple interfaces, RS485 (MODBUS), Ethernet (LAN)
  • High-speed & High-repeatability (28ms)
  • Multi-calculation function
  • Self-diagnostic function, easy maintenance.
  • Conforms to CE standards and IP-65


  • Measuring moisture of wood chip.
  • Measuring the thickness of sheet or film.
  • Measuring the organism, moisture and lipid of fodder.
  • Measuring the organism, moisture and oil of potato chips.
  • Measuring moisture of garbage (RDF moisture).
  • Measuring the coating thickness on the painting sheet.
  • Measuring moisture of powder.
  • Measuring moisture in cleaning solution.
  • Measuring moisture of clay.
  • Measuring moisture of fiber.
  • Measure & Control the coating thickness of Laminate-sheet production line.
  • Measure & Control the painting thickness.