There are certain applications where an in situ oxygen probe is impractical. For those applications, Super Systems Inc. recommends the HP2000 self-heated oxygen probe. This system supplies the temperature required to make an oxygen probe function. For some applications such as a multi-tube generator, or a rotary retort furnace, this probe will allow you to extract a continuous sample of the atmosphere stream and pass it by a standard oxygen probe. The configuration above shows a typical application using the HP2000 Heated Probe.


  • Rotary Furnaces
    Sample line extended into furnace beyond quench chute 
    Opposite-end from atmosphere introduction
    Adequate filter system
    Conservative addition of enriching gas
  • Modular Endothermic Generator
    Manifold “sample” lines
    Allow for condensation drip
    Manual “shut-off” valves are suggested
  • Sintering/Muffle Furnaces
    No need for high-temperature probes
    Fixed sample lines
    Use natural gas as oxygen “getter”
  • Low-Temperature Applications
    Nitrogen-based low temperature
    Miscellaneous protective atmospheres