Accuracy - New electrode design (US Patent # 5,635,044) delivers precision and repeatability. 
Compatibility - Interchangeable with all other manufacturers’ probes. 
Return on Investment - Lowest initial price with full, one year warranty and low cost rebuild service. 
Streamlined –  New, compact design allows easy installation and service in confined spaces. 
Versatility -  Designed for all furnace and generator applications


Designed for the most demanding HIGH temperature and HIGH carbon applications

Driven by a concern for the above facts and a desire to improve the Gold Probe performance, SSi has recently introduced the industries’ first “third generation” oxygen probe…CERAGOLD PROBE. We are successfully applying cermet coating techniques to extend probe sheath life and to reduce the catalysis effect with methane that is present with other probe alloy sheaths currently used. This design feature, along with the unique anode contact configuration is the subject of a recently awarded U.S. patent.


Heat treaters operating equipment at elevated temperatures (>1750° F) and carbon potential (>1.25 % C) will experience the most significant gain in probe life. The cermet sheath treatment creates a tenacious, un-penetrable layer to protect all exposed surfaces of the probe sheath from the carburizing atmosphere. Reducing the amount of nickel exposed at the surface reduces soot formation and virtually eliminates high temperature corrosion (green rot).

CERAGOLD’S “on the fly” burnoff capability is an additional feature which eliminates nagging probe accuracy and response problems. CERAGOLD is designed with a 1/2″ pipe sheath, not 3/4″ like other probes. This is intentional because the 1/2″ size requires much lower volumes of burnoff air to reach the probe electrode tip. This feature greatly contributes to rapid, efficient probe burnoff and hence to longer term probe accuracy and process consistency.