DB1000 The DB1000 series is 96 x 96mm digital controllers with the indicating accuracy of ± 0.1% and the sampling eriod of 0.1 second. 
These controllers have a variety of features including multi-programming function (8 kinds), universal inputs, scaling function as well as easy-to-read colored LCD displays and the interactive type settings with the dot-matrix LCD display.


  • Indicating accuracy: ±0.1%; Sampling period: 0.1 second
    The high-performance microprocessor provides the indicating accuracy of ±0.1% and the sampling period of 0.1 second.
  • Easy simple-mode operation
    By separating the parameters at the settings up through switching between the simple function mode and multi- function mode, the normal running is simplified.
  • 8 kinds of setpoint
    By using the front-panel keys, 8 kinds of setpoint being programmed are freely selectable and independent PID constants can be set each setting value. 
    Universal inputs
  • Two types of universal inputs, the total of 34 inputs including 28 thermocouple inputs, 5DC voltage inputs and 1DC current input, or 12 resistance thermometer inputs, are prepared.
  • Auto-tuning function
    The optimum PID constants can be calculated automatically by the auto tuning function.
  • Versatile alarm function
    Four alarm points are available on each setpoint. High/low alarm and deviation/absolute alarm can be set independently on each alarm point.
  • Universal power voltage
    The controllers are designed for 85 to 264VAC.
  • CE (option)
    Models complying with CE are available.