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Any application where in situ operation is not possible

  • Mounted in the combustion chamber – approximately 1550° F.
  • Endo gas, after it has been cooled, is connected to the probe to be measured
  • The small gas sample is expelled into the combustion chamber and consumed
  • The output from the Bazooka probe is connected to the controller
  • Trim air / gas is introduced after the carburetor, before the mixing pump.
  • Sidewall mounting allows for easy installation while the generator is operational.
  • Probe longevity is extended because of the lower operating temperature
  • Cermet coating of the probe sheath extends life.
  • The coating reduces the catalytic effect between the methane and nickel.
  • Probe is specifically designed for burnoff.
  • 12-month warranty
  • Direct replacement for “re-heat well” probes