Our globe is now being confronted with a big innovation that has not been experienced until now. Effective utilization of resources and global environmental problems are being noticeably highlighted and the reformation and renovation are being promoted from the global points of view. CHINO is satisfying versatile and highly advancing needs through the development of new technologies based on abundant accumulated experiences. CHINO will continue challenging the infinite possibilities as a highly sensitive enterprise to contribute to the human society.


  • Name of company CHINO CORPORATION 
  • Line of business Manufacture and sales of instrumentation and control equipment/ instrumentation work. 
  • Established on August 1, 1936 
  • Capital ¥4,292 million 
  • Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section 
  • Employees 631

History of CHINO 

  • 1913 Founded. 
  • 1936 CHINO Works, Ltd. established. 
  • 1962 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Second Section. 
  • 1963 Fujioka Factory established. 
  • 1977 Senko Corporation established. 
  • 1978 Kuki Factory established. 
  • 1979 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section. 
  • 1983 CHINO Works America Inc. established. 
  • 1986 Name changed to CHINO Corporation. 
  • 1989 Consumer Product Division organized. KOREA CHINO Corporation established. 
  • 1990 Completion of Head Office and R & D Building. (Moving in) 
  • 1992 YAMAGATA CHINO Corporation established. 
  • 1993 Cooperate Business Operation organized.CHINO Service Corporation established. Shanghai DAHUA-CHINO Instrument Co, Ltd. established. 
  • 1994 Standard Laboratory as a Thermometer Calibration Certificate Organization is granted by Japan Calibration Service System.Fujioka Factory is ISO9001 certified. 
  • 1996 CHINO-LAXSONS (India) Ltd. established. 
  • 1997 Kuki Factory is IS09001 certified. 
  • 1998 Acquired 100% capital shares of SANKI KEISO Co., Ltd. 
  • 1999 CHINO Corporation is ISO9001 certified. 
  • 2000 Introduction of divisional structure. 
  • 2002 Material procurement office opened in ChinaCHINO Corporation is ISO14001 certified.
KR2000 Recorders
LT230_01 Controllers
IR-AH_01 Infrared radiation thermometers
IM_Series Infrared moisture meter
mr2041 Sensors and loggers
JU_01 Thiristor regulator
IR-RST_01 Primary temperature standards
TP-L On-line Thermal imaging Sensor