DZ1000 La serie di regolatori  DZ1000 combina le funzioni di auto tune e fuzzy per un controllo stabile ed accurato del setpoint di processo. Dotato di ingressi multi range, uscita di regolazione selezionabile e ulteriori funzioni opzionali, lo strumento può essere dotato di porta di comunicazione seriale per l’integrazione in sistemi di gestione.


  • Full Multi-range Inputs
    Thermocouple, resistance thermometer, DC voltage, and current are defined by the input selector switch.

  • Control Output Multi Functions
    The on-off pulse output, SSR drive output, and current output signals are also selected, however the on-off servo type is supplied as a separate model.

  • Auto Tuning and Fuzzy Functions are Provided as a Standard.
    Automatic setting of PID constants, overshoot suppression, and other control functions can be done easily by using auto tune and fuzzy features.

  • Easy Operation and Secure Running
    Parameters (set values, alarms, and PID constants) that may be changed during operation can be configured easily according to the “display item guide.” Parameters that are rarely changed during operation are configured as engineering parameters by discriminating them from those in normal operation display.

  • Abundant Option Functions
    Remote/local switching, transmission output, external auto/manual switching, heater break age detection (CT) input, and other options are available.

  • Simple Instrumentation by Communication Function
    The system can easily be graded up by combining with a personal computer through the communication interface