General condition of sale

general_condition1. Delivery

Delivery terms are not binding; delays shall not entitle the Buyer to claim cancellation or indemnity for direct or indirect damages or to cancel partially / totally the order; STREAMLINE is also allowed to make partial shipments

2. Shipping

Unless agreed otherwise, goods are shipped ex works. In case of delivery free destination, only the cost of freight to the place agreed upon shall be on STREAMLINE’s account. All further costs and expenses and the transport risk from the place of delivery shall be entirely onBuyer’s account, so that STREAMLINE shall not be liable for any damage that may arise during the transport.

3. Prices

STREAMLINE can modify the prices stated in the price list without previous notice according to currency fluctuation and production costs. Prices are not inclusive of extra charges due to import regulations. 

4. Payment

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, payment shall be made promptly on the due date mentioned in the invoice without any discount, deduction or set-off by Buyer being permitted.
All invoices are payable at STREAMLINE registered office.
If no payment has been made on the due date, the Buyer shall, without prejudice to STREAMLINE’s other rights, pay interest on the amount due as as stated by Dlgs. 231/2002. In addition, all amounts owed by Buyer to STREAMLINE for whatever reason shall be payable at once and all losses arising from such overdue payment or non-payment shall be for Buyer’s account regardless of whether circumstances or measures beyond his control have caused the remittance to be effected in a manner detrimental to STREAMLINE.

5. Warranty

STREAMLINE warrants the Buyer that the electronic instrumentation for measure and control sold hereunder is free from defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase. STREAMLINE’s warranty does not extend to products which have not been used according to the technical information provided in our data sheets or stated in our offer or which have been altered or wrongly connected by the Buyer or by third parties.
STREAMLINE agrees , to repair or replace, at its discretionaly option, free of charge, any such part which its examination discloses to have been defective and which is accepted by STREAMLINE and is returned, free destination, to STREAMLINE’s store in Galliate (NO) Italy. In case of reparation made at the Buyer’s premises or elsewhere, on specific request and account of the Buyer himself, the working hours and the travel hours and expenses, in addition to the hotel accommodation expenses, will be invoiced according to the ANIE Rates valid at the date of the intervention itself. No reparation or replacement will be made unless the return of the products has been previously accepted by STREAMLINE.
The obligation of the reparation or of the replacement according to the above mentioned term will constitute the only effect of the warranty provided by 

6. Governing law and jurisdiction

The present General Conditions of Sale are ruled by Italian Law.

Any dispute related to the contract and/or these General Conditions of Sale, may arise, shall exclusively be settled by Courts of Novara, Italy, the jurisdiction of which the Buyer expressly declares to accept.