Company Profile

STREAMLINE S.r.l. is an Italian Trade Company, EN ISO 9001:2000 certified, operating in the field of electronic instrumentation and sensors for the measure, control and supervision of the industrial and laboratory process variables. 

The company’s mission is to offer its customers with its own best consultation during the choice of the proper technical solutions which must be the most advanced, efficient and economic for the optimisation and for the safety, also in terms of preservation of the environmental conditions, of all industrial processes. The co-operation with the customers includes the installation, start-up and technical service in order to guarantee the maintenance, during the time, of the products’ original performances. Streamline is the exclusive agent for the whole European territory of:

CHINO Corporation

Tokyo (Japan) which, working on the world wide market since 1913, while in Italy since 1971, is offering a wide range of electronic control instrumentation consisting of:

· Digital recorders with chart paper and paperless 
· Controllers and programmers
· Single-phase and/or three-phase thyristor units
· Fixed and hand-handle radiation thermometers and optical fibers
· Moisture and thickness meters for the on line infrared measurement of moisture and thickness
· Standard temperature sensors like thermocouples and resistance thermometers for primary certification laboratories.

The Research & Development Department plus the Production Facilities using hi-tech equipment are completing the structure and organization of the company itself.

ACR Systems

Vancouver (Canada), represented on an exclusive basis on the whole Italian territory. The company is a manufacturer of a wide range of data loggers for the measurement and the recording of process variables like: temperature, pressure, humidity, lighting, CO, CO2 and others converted into process electrical signals (4-20mA, 0-10mV, etc.).
The most important properties of this product range are:

· Pocked-sized instruments
· Self-powered with 1-year battery life 
· Installation in severe environmental conditions 
· Models for the acquisition from 1 to 8 variables 
· Data transfer to PC for graphical and tabular reports
· TrendReader Standard Software: 4, 8, 32, 128KB and 1,5 Mb memory size available
· Interval between two measures, alarms and start-up delay are programmable
· Inputs type and ranges are programmable 
· Network capable
· Accessible remotely by modem (GSM or telephone lines)

Super System Incorporated

Cincinnati (U.S.A), represented on an exclusive basis on the whole Italian territory. The company is manufacturing a wide range of probes, instruments and gas analysers for the supervision and the optimisation of the process of heat treatments and the related gas analisys in endothermic generators.

The range of products consists of:

· Probes, with S, R and K thermocouples, for the direct insertion in the hot zone
· Probes for the control of the endothermic generators
· Self-heated gold probe
· Single-loop atmosphere controller
· Portable IR gas analyser, on site continouos gas analyzers
· Hand-handle and on-line dew point analyzer

Streamline organization, operating at its site located in Galliate (No), consists of skilled personnel working in the field of measurement and control electronic instrumentation for over than 20 years. 

In addition to the General Management Departments, Streamline is equipped with a stock for the prompt delivery of finished products, spare parts and consumable parts.Our laboratory is able to supply all of the products dated 20 years, received from customers and/or installed on customers’ industrial plants, with the necessary and proper technical service.